“Persecution” of the Church in America

The Christian church is not being persecuted in the United States by restrictions on gatherings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We’re certainly being inconvenienced, along with everyone, but that’s not persecution. We have not been asked to do anything that bars, restaurants, concerts, and sports venues have been asked to do. We are not being singled out for our faith.

As for constitutional rights, our Constitution’s preamble states as one of its purposes, “to promote the general welfare”. Would not protecting the general public from a raging pandemic be promoting our welfare?

And the First Amendment – even if we as Christians could legitimately claim that such promotion of our welfare denies our right to freely exercise our religion based on the Bill of Rights, does that not put our “constitutional rights” above our biblical responsibilities as ambassadors for Christ?

I wish my faith was as contagious as the newest strain of the coronavirus!

Because He lives,