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April 28
Well, catching up is more involved than I thought! It’s been a while since I’ve done more with a website than to make minor html adjustments in a couple of my simple sites. Now I’m finding that I’ve forgot a lot about WordPress. So, this is going to take longer to get like I want it. I’m going to have to keep it simple. That sounds easy, but …
Because He lives,

April 27, 2020 (Week 7 of COVID-19 hibernation):
I really need to put more time in this than changing this page every two years or more. I see that the last two times I touched it I was 70 & 72. Well I’m now 74, so the pattern is still in effect. As I said last time, ” I’ll try to give more attention to this going forward. God isn’t finished with me either!” Honestly, there are a few things I feel that I want to get out there before He says, “OK Crocker, that’s it.”