Awwh, – Poor Little Fly!

2020 explanation: In June 2009, President Obama interrupted a news interview on CNBC to successfully swat a fly. TMZ goaded PETA for a comment. The comment was graceful, but they sent the President a “Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher” so that he could catch and release such creatures in the future. I didn’t search to see if he ever used it. Anyway, here’s what I blogged back then.

With kudos to our President, and a laugh at PETA, I’m reminded of a poem I found years ago. (author unknown)

Don’t be discouraged, poor little fly,
You’ll be a chipmunk by and by.
Ages later, I can see, you’ll be a full grown chimpanzee.
Next, I see you with prophet’s pen,
Taking your place in the ranks of men.
And then, in the great sweet by and by
We’ll be angels – you and I.
So why should I swat you, poor little fly,
Prospective chum of my home on high?
That’s what some folks say.
Not I.

(No, I don’t believe anyone is suggesting this as a path of evolution, but the actual suggestions are not much better.)

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