If I am ever to break the inertia for writing I must free myself of the sense of obligation to write without being misunderstood, at least for drafts. Hence this caveat.

I will frequently post thoughts that are in a brainstorming phase. That is, they may not be fully thought through and may be changed — even reversed later without notice. So some of what you find on these pages should be considered as drafts — sometimes early, rough drafts. If I wait until I am completely satisfied with every word, as I tend to do, I won’t write anything at all and I sense that writing is a part of the ministry to which God has called me.

So please give me the benefit of the doubt as you read over my shoulder while I think. If you sense ignorance, poor reasoning, blind spots, heresy, or the like please let me know. I do invite comments and further thoughts which may modify or refine mine.

BTW. It took me half an hour to write and become satisfied (somewhat) with this.


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